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About MSI

What is Scrapbooking?


Scrapbooking is the art of putting together photographs, personal experiences and precious keepsakes in an album. A visually creative and emotionally rewarding way to preserve life's most treasured moments especially when your inspiration stems from those you love.


Starting from just a hobby to create timeless arts to share for their loved ones, two good friends, Ina and Grace, embark on a passion to start up a one stop shopping store which they named My Scrapbook Ideas or one can just call it MSI.

MSI’s humbling beginning four years ago is a store in Cascade Fashion House and Home Living - Bandung, Heritage Jakarta & Bintaro Junction in Central Business District, Bintaro Sector 7a has now become the premiere store for scrapbooking needs with branches in almost all the favorite malls in Jakarta and has plans to create more outlets in the coming years so everyone in any age category can enjoy the pleasure of just sitting back, taking time off from our busy lives and create a memorabilia for the years to come, by scrapbooking.

Please visit our store location nearest you and you can also get our class schedule to learn the many different aspects of scrapbooking or you can also enjoy the class experience if you are the type of person who just like to spend time with others who share the same scrapbooking passion.